AT&T – What If

AT&T – What If

Imagine a world where sound had never been introduced to movies, or one where the transistor was never invented? The What If series

combines historical exploration and creative speculation by showcasing factual milestones from AT&T’s timeline. The episodes playfully

compare the societal impacts of these milestones to create intriguing and challenging hypothetical scenarios.

Our Role
Design, illustration, and animation

Project Timeline
6 weeks

Project Style
Collage Explainer

Short Form Promos



Client: AT&T
Agency: Portal A
Animation Studio: BIEN
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Margaret Orr
Art/Animation Director: Carlos Alegria
Illustration and Design: Stip and Ally Schuman
2D Animators & Compositors: Alejandro Imondi, John McColgan, and Wooyoung Kim
Music/Sound Design: David Jeffers