Freeform 25 DOC

Disney Freeform – 25 Days of Christmas

When Disney’s Freeform channel wanted to give their “25 Days of Christmas” campaign a facelift, we were excited to dive into the Christmas spirit in the middle of the summer!

For this project, we created three distinct looks. We included logos, a

motion toolkit, print assets, and digital pieces for each…along with a few fun surprises.

We had the best time imagining what would happen if your Christmas decorations came to life.

It was an absolute honor creating multiple fully fleshed out packages that the client fell in love with.

Our Role
Logo design, package creation

Project Timeline
Four Weeks

Project Style
Branding + On-Air Graphics Package

Look One: X-Mas at Andy’s

For the first direction, we wanted to create a cross between Toy Story and Adult Swim. What happens around the holiday when no one is home? Do the carefully wrapped presents and decorations sit there for nobody to enjoy? Of course not.

When we are not looking, Christmas comes alive. This way, the sense of wonder and magic never fades around the holidays, and we can celebrate around the clock for the 25 Days of Christmas.

Look Two: Twistmas

For this concept, we wanted to lean into the twist that exists within the Freeform logo. We used items that not only have a natural twist (candy canes, ribbon, antlers), they also have a natural place within Christmas. With this, we convey that the Freeform twist exists within Christmas, therefore the viewer knows that Christmas is Freeform.

Look Three: Candyland

For the final direction, we wanted to create an even happier place. This concept is like Willy Wonka’s Candyland. Loud colors, crazy patterns, and beautiful shapes. We want viewers to get lost in the world they enter into…. a Christmas Candyland.

Logo Development


Client: Freeform
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Alisha Kramer
Art Director: Carlos Alegria
Illustration and Design: Hung Le, Carlos Alegría, Alejandro Imondi, Sianey Montes de Oca, Mark Lee, Eva Gomez, Flor Tasso