Health Equity Anthem

IDEO – Health Equity Anthem

When IDEO wanted to tell an impactful story about injustice in
the healthcare system, they asked
for our help.

Getting to work on a story that is so important for many communities

was not something we took lightly. We took very special care when assembling the team to ensure we were able to represent all of the voices that go unheard. Thoughtful storytelling, illustration, animation,
VO casting, and music composition

brings together a piece that the entire team is proud to have created for such an impactful cause.

Our Role
Illustration, design, 2D and cel animation, custom music, and
sound design

Project Timeline
7 weeks

Project Style


Client: IDEO
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Alisha Kramer
Art Director: Deanna Reilly
Illustration and Design: Ally Schuman, Alicia Robinson, Eunbeal Cho, Claire Eyheramendy
2D Animators & Compositors: Deanna Reilly, Alejandro Imondi, Marco De Vecchi
Cel Animation: Alejandro Imondi, Daiqui Cui, Danila Ribeiro
Music Compostition/Sound Design: David Jeffers