Inclusive Motion Design


After years of looking at one set of brand guidelines after another, we noticed a pattern.

Big brands are failing the diversity and inclusion test.

Mass-produced media is designed around the outdated notion of the ideal average. In corporate illustration and motion design, you see perfect people with the same body types, facial features, age, and ability. If you’re lucky, they’ll all be different shades of purple, green, and other abstract colors.

This uniformity represents symbolic diversity and minimizes the full spectrum — and beauty — of humanity.

This is why we founded our studio on inclusive design principles.

For brands, agencies, and production companies that employ creatives, inclusive motion design means “designing with, not for.” With this in mind, we coined the term Inclusive Motion Design (InMoDe) to describe our studio’s approach to design, illustration, and animation production services.

InMoDe — Championing inclusion behind-the-scenes to create accessible content on-screen.

The two pillars:



A diverse team behind-the-scenes allows you to create authentic, inclusive content on-screen. That’s why we put historically excluded people in leadership roles at BIEN.



15% of the world has some type of disability. To be responsible designers, we need to ensure we’re inclusive of the world’s largest minority group.

InMoDe™ is about anthropology and ethnography. It’s a commitment to representing people and cultures authentically.

We believe it’s everyone’s responsibility (not just illustrators, designers, and animators) to practice Inclusive Motion Design because to proactively counter stereotypes, we must all get involved.

Ultimately, InMoDe is a way to practice social activism. To fight for good. To make change, and BE the change. As creatives, sometimes it can feel like our work isn’t contributing to the greater good of the world.

Inclusive Motion Design changes everything.

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Symbolic diversity vs. true diversity.

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