Meta – Creator Summit

Meta – Creator Summit

Starting with the Summit graphic package, then on to the education series, and ending with the 2nd life of the assets online, we had a blast helping the Creator Marketing team with making some fun-tastic sizzle reels for the Creator Summit.

We took a variety of good, and not-so-good creator content and sprinkled on Meta-approved style to create a lot of graphics. For the business education series, we took Keynotes and transformed them into fun animated UIs to accommodate the live action hosts.

Additionally, we created a host of social media content lifted from the hero assets.

Our Role
Design, Editorial, Sound Design, Music Curation & Mix

Project Timeline
6 Weeks (multiple deliverables)

Project Style
Hype reels

Spicy Sizzle

Creator Summit – Auto Brands

Creator Summit – Beauty & Fashion


Client: Meta
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Elena Dreyer
Art Director: Carlos Alegria
Illustration and Design: Carlos Alegría, Ally Schuman
2D Animators and Compositors: Alejandro Imondi, Andrea Gendusa, Deanna Reilly
3D Animation: Andrea Gendusa
Sound Design & Music Curation: Quadriphonic Sound