Meta – Journey to Greatness

Meta | Facebook & Instagram – Journey to Greatness

Olympic athletes and para-athletes dedicate their entire lives for one chance to perform on the world’s greatest stage every four years. Meta came to us to tell a story that shows an athlete’s emotional journey their triumphs and their struggles as they

train, how they use Facebook and Instagram to connect with other athletes, and how their dedication inspires the next generation of athletes. We needed to create one spot that would work for both

Facebook and Instagram platforms and audiences. We developed a new production process to complete the same animation within two different sets of brand guidelines all in just over 3 months.

Our Role
Script consultation, visual concepting, illustration, design, 2D animation, cel animation, custom music, and sound design

Project Timeline
15 weeks

Project Style
Product Feature Campaign

Behind the Scenes

Versioning Process

Color Process & Script


Client: Meta | Facebook & Instagram
Head Of Creative Growth: Sean Pryor
Creative Program Manager: Jennifer Chiu
Creative Program Manager: Nicole Rabiu

Motion Design Studio: BIEN
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Nicole Beyer
Art Director: Carlos Alegria
Animation Director: Carlos Alegria
Illustration and Design: Marco De Masi, Mayukh Goswami, Gabriela Bosco, Felipe Fiori, Claudio Araos, Gaïa Lamiot, and Franco Vecchi
2D Animators and Compositors: Brittany Penn, Juliana Gorgati, Nili B, Clara Riavec, Peter Lowey, Rohit Kelkar, Deco Daviola, Mylène Cagnoli, Alice Tagliapietra, and Nzuri S. Parker
Sound Design: Box of Toys