Privacy Enhancing Technology

Meta – Privacy Enhancing Technology (PET) Campaign

Meta is in the midst of one of its most complex business solves ever—enhancing privacy for its users while still gleaning insights for its advertisers. The solutions they’ve developed are so complex that the Meta team asked us to help translate them into clear, compelling explainers so users can feel confident about their personal information.

We worked closely with Meta’s technical experts so we could understand these Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET). (Honestly, even our clients at Meta were struggling to grasp these technologies. We were all learning it together!) Then we simplified and streamlined the information, making sure not to lose any important nuances.

By humanizing the technologies and creating characters that illustrate how they work, we turned Meta’s complicated engineering into a compelling story. This animation series is now helping to build trust with both users and advertisers. 

Our Role
Scripting, illustration, design, 2D, 3D and cel animation, custom music and sound design.

Project Timeline
Six weeks per video

Project Style

Episode One: MPC

Episode Two: DP

Episode Three: ODL


Client: Meta
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Alisha Hawkins
Copywriter: Julie Rybarczyk
Art Director: Carlos Alegría
Illustration: Carlos Alegría, Florencia Tasso, Arley Cornell, Marco Cheatham, Nico Piccirilli
2D Animation: Chris Saez, Alejandro Imondi, Vicente Ziegler, Deana Reilly, Dustin Scott, Carlos Alegría, Arley Cornell, Andrew Zimbelman, Jake Williams, Rocio Cogno
3D Animation: Vicente Ziegler, Dustin Scott
Cel Animation: Matt Everton, Arley Cornell, Freya Hotson, Patricio Plaza
Video Editing: Camp Suntichotinun
Custom Music Score and Sound Design: The Chicken