Red Hat – Command Line Heroes Trailers

Red Hat’s award-winning podcast is about the people who create revolutionary products that touch all of our lives. When Red Hat approached us about creating a promo for the latest season, we knew we had to come correct.

Season 6, “Meet The Inventors,” features the stories of Black inventors who didn’t get the credit they deserve. For example, did you know Dr. Gladys West’s contributions to satellite geodesy models contributed to developing the Global Positioning System (GPS)?

So far, we’ve created a promo for season six and season seven.

See below for full vids and details.

Our Role
Script, design, illustration, 2D, 3D, cel animation, custom music, and
sound design.

Project Timeline
Four weeks per video

Project Style
:30 Promo

Season Six — Meet The Inventors

Behind the Scenes + Explorations

We did countless hours of research and exploration for this project, starting with finding images of our heroes and their inventions. Every detail is authentic and accurate, from the shape and branding of Jerry’s video game cartridges to how Dr. Gladys West looked in front of her supercomputer.

Check out some early ideas of how Carlos envisioned Jerry riding a T-Rex!

They got killed, but it’s all part of the process, right?

Season Seven – The Internet Class of ’95

Character Explorations


Command Line Heroes sweatshirts for our clients! We revealed these on the final Zoom call and sent them out to everyone.


Client: Red Hat

Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Alisha Hawkins
Art Director: Carlos Alegria
Illustration: Carlos Alegria
2D Animators: Carlos Alegria, Deanna Reilly, Alejandro Imondi, Ricardo Mendes
3D Modeling + Animation: Deanna Reilly
Cel Animation: Carlos Alegria
Original Music Score: The Chicken
Sound Design: The Chicken
VO: Saron Yitbarek