Different Worlds

Instagram – Different Worlds

We were honored to be engaged by 3Q/DEPT and Instagram to create an animation that featured the people and places of India to promote Instagram within the country.

For this project it was important to the team to flex our research muscles. We hired an Indian designer to consult on this project, giving us advice and

working on visuals in every phase.

We also found an Indian dance troupe to perform wearing our mocap suit for the opening dance sequence, and hired music composers that had experience creating Indian music for different regions… they even compared it to the nuances between East vs. West coast hip-hop.

Creating this project entirely in 3D felt like the best execution for this. It helped us create new processes, and we all learned from each other.

Understanding the culture and look of each location, and honoring the people and places was crucial for us and expanded our abilities as a studio.

Our Role
3D Illustration, design, and animation, mocap, custom music,
and sound design

Project Timeline
15 weeks

Project Style

Instagram: Different Worlds

Mocap Process


Client: Instagram
Agency: 3Q/DEPT
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Alisha Kramer
Art Director: Deanna Reilly
Illustration and Design: Deanna Reilly, Joey Judkins,
Scott Pellman, Batuhan Perker, Kruthi Hindupur Vasanthamadhava, Jarrod Simpson,
Edgar Ferrer, Yat Fung, Andrew Boccio, Dustin Scott
3D Animators & Compositors: Deanna Reilly, Joey Judkins, Bruno Cornelson, Edgar Ferrer, Dustin Scott, Scott Pellman, Rafael Carmona
Cultural Consultant: Kruthi Hindupur Vasanthamadhava
Original Music Composition/Sound Design:

Dynamite Laser Beam