IBM – Glow

Glow is the story of Jane, a young lady who lands her dream job at a large corporation. At first, she radiates energy and enthusiasm. However, she quickly learns that her colleagues are heavily burdened by menial tasks. Eventually, Jane’s enthusiasm succumbs to the repetitive tasks, and her glow fades. She becomes another humdrum employee. Ticking, tapping, going through the motions. 

Until—IBM Automation comes in and relieves her, allowing her to break free of the chains of monotonous, repetitive low-level tasks. Her cognitive energy is freed up, and she’s able to focus on work that matters. 

To ensure maximum visual impact and cultural relevance for a global audience, we worked hand-in-hand with our agency partner

Myriad Media to shape the Glow script and mold the story. 

We wanted to make the project nuanced, emotional, and slightly flawed—in a good way. What better way to tell a tech story than by using cel animation—the hand-drawn, frame-by-frame technique invented in 1914?

Our Role
Script consultation, visual concepting, illustration, and cel animation

Project Timeline
6 weeks

Project Style
Brand Film


Client: IBM
Agency: Myriad Media
Agency Creative Director: Max Zampieri
Agency Executive Producer: Chris Young
Agency Senior Producer: Drew Grimes
Scriptwriter: Kate Cortesi

Motion Design Studio: BIEN
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Creative Director: Reece Parker
Illustration: Reece Parker
2D Animators & Compositors: Hung Le, Reece Parker
Cel Animation: Reece Parker, Henrique Barone, Adam Henderson, Erich Reimers, Dennis Wardzala, Salvador Padilla
Custom Music Score: Sono Sanctus
Sound Design: 
Sono Sanctus