Innov Awards

Red Hat – Innovation Awards

Every year, Red Hat honors five of its’ clients by giving them highly coveted Innovation Awards. Customarily, Red Hat dispatches film crews across the globe to interview the five winners and create promos to recognize their achievements and raise their profiles in the open-source community. Well, guess what got in the way of that?

Yeah. Because of COVID-19, they were forced to use self-captured footage and create animation segments for b-roll. That’s where BIEN came in. Using 2D character animation—with a dash of cel and 3D—we humanized and visualized abstract concepts, telling stories about enterprise organizations like Volkswagen, Medifé, and Argentina’s Ministry of Health.

The timeline was tight, the deliverables were many (five), and the stakes were high.

But from what we heard, Red Hat is now using them as the gold standard for any similarily styled projects. Now that’s innovation.

Our Role
Script consultation, visual concepting, illustration, and cel animation

Project Timeline
6 weeks

Project Style
Brand Film


Client: Red Hat
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Alisha Hawkins
Art Director: Dennis Wardzala
Illustration: Dennis Wardzala
Animation Director: Carlos Alegría
2D Animators & Compositors: Ricardo Mendes, Vicente Ziegler, Andrea Gendusa, Andy Martin, Deanna Reilly, Alejandro Imondi, Rocio Cogno, Chris Saez, Igor Myrmyr
Edit: Camp Suntichotinun
Sound Design: 
The Chicken