Disney Junior – Disney Animals: Look Closer with Mira!

For Disney Animals season three, our clients entrusted us to conceptualize a novel approach to bringing elements from an existing brand (Mira, Royal Detective) into the Disney Animals brand. Because Mira’s Indian-American background heavily influenced the show’s branding, we decided to use the mandala (sanskrit for circle or discoid object) as the main element. With a twist, of course.

The resulting brand identity came to life as Mandalimals. We want to explore how to bring wonder and joy of the details in nature to the youngsters. With this approach, we break down little details from the animal kingdom, present them to the viewers as deceivingly fun and wild mandala elements and then, occasionally, we spring them to life through animation.

We developed over 15 iterations of the logo and ended up with two that really stood out to the client. After a few design sprints, we finalized and put it into animation.

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Our Role
Logo design, concept, design, illustration, animation, toolkitting, and styleguide.

Project Timeline
4 weeks

Project Style
Broadcast graphics package

Visual Identity Development


Client: Disney
Creative Director: Hung Le
Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Visual Identity System & Logo Design: Hung Le
Broadcast Package Design: Hung Le, Carlos Alegría, Sianey Montes de Oca
Illustration: Carlos Alegría
2D Animation: Sianey Montes de Oca, Carlos Alegría, Hung Le
Toolkit & Brand Guidelines: Hung Le, Sianey Montes de Oca