Total Meow

BIEN – Total Meow

One of our fav clients came to us with a unique ask: conjure up a mind-blowing augmented reality (AR) experience and a fictional video game concept about cuddly cats. Soon enough, we set sail on a journey to create Total Meow: A Captain Cat Cuddles Adventure!

For Total Meow, the AR effect gives the viewer a closer look at the main

character, plus other exclusive visuals. This effect also offers an exclusive Legendary Skin that is only available if you scan the QR code on the box and purchase the game in-store at Markt, giving gamers an incentive to go from consideration to purchase quickly with that desirable in-game swag.

We loved little cat-cook-turned-pirate so much, we decided to unleash a

tidal wave of excitement by creating a full-on trailer and promo package as a passion project. The Total Meow Trailer brought the mischievous captain closer to the viewers, allowing them to witness every whisker twitch and every swashbuckling move with astonishing detail.

Our Role
Concept, illustration, design, 2D and 3D animation, AR production and development, custom music, and sound design

Project Timeline
1 month for AR
2 months for Trailer + Promo Package

Project Style
AR Experience + Promo Package

Total Meow :30 Promo

Nintendo Switch Cover

Promo Assets

AR Development

Mocap Animation Tests

Look Dev & Fun Stuff


Client: BIEN
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Nicole Beyer (AR) and Alisha Kramer (Trailer & Promo Package)
Art Directors: Carlos Alegria
Illustration and Design: Carlos Alegría, Andrea Gendusa, Deanna Riley
2D & 3D Animators & Compositors: Carlos Alegría,
Andrea Gendusa, Deanna Reilly
Sound Design: The Chicken