Red Hat Open DX

Red Hat – Open DX (Digital Transformation)

Red Hat came to us to help them launch their Open DX consulting services.

Facing stiff competition, the ask was, how can we differentiate while staying true to the brand?

To answer that, we started by asking ourselves, “What if we apply Red Hat’s ethos to create an anthem video? What if the video itself is proof of open collaboration? How would this work?”

To achieve this, we used the “exquisite corpse” style, tapping eight different artists from around the globe to create a truly unique look for Red Hat that tells a singular story, collectively.

Our Role
Concept, Script, design, illustration, 2D, 3D, cel animation, VO casting/direction, custom score and sound design.

Project Timeline
8 weeks

Project Style

Explorations & BTS


Client: Red Hat
Creative Director: Hung Le
Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Scriptwriter: Lisa Shimotakahara
Illustration & Design: Amelia Chen, Carlos Alegria, Hung Le,
2D Animators & Compositors: Mac Wojcik, Hung Le, Ricardo Mendes, Alejandro Imondi
3D Designers & Animators: Justin Lawes, Felipe Medina Contreras
Cel Animation: Salvador Padilla
Custom Score: Sono Sanctus
Sound Design: 
Sono Sanctus