Red Hat Summit 2024

Red Hat Summit 2024 Opener

We brought Red Hat’s vision to life, following the iconic Red Hat fedora through a breathtaking journey across landscapes representing the

diverse industries powered by Red Hat’s open-source software. The intro was designed for an 11-screen setup, accompanied by a live band

and lighting design. The result: “The best intro ever.” – Mike Esser, Red Hat Creative Director.

Our Role
3D design, 3D animation, sound design

Project Timeline
7 weeks

Project Style
Live event opener

Behind The Scenes

Motion Test



Client: Red Hat
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Producer: Alisha Kramer
Art Director: Deanna Reilly
3D Design & Animation: Deanna Reilly, Andrea Gendusa, Dustin Scott, Scott Pellman, Cesar Barbosa, Jesus Suarez, Zuheng Yin
3D Animation:  Alejandro Imondi
Sound Design: The Chicken
Resource Manager: Vanessa Maldonado
Motion Flies: Matthew Zipper, Jamil Watson, Jeffery Lawson, Francesca Manto