FB – Time to Cricket

Facebook – Time to Cricket

For the first time, India will be the
sole host of the 2023 Men’s Cricket World Cup. DEPT and Meta approached us to create a celebratory animation that captures what cricket means, how it is celebrated by the people of India, and how Facebook helps bring the community together in this celebration.

To start, we had to become fast experts in the game of cricket. We then hired a cultural consultant

from India as well as Indian illustrators and animators to offer their lived experiences and perspectives to make sure we authentically captured the culture and spirit of cricket. They advised us on many aspects in the piece including: the backgrounds and how to accurately represent the environment, how to draw delectable paddu, and the specifics and importance of gully cricket (or street cricket) to the community. We also worked with our composer,

John Poon, to record Indian musicians playing traditional instruments. This allowed us to weave traditional cultural sounds into the modern tracks.

We combined 2D, 3D, and cel animation to bring the story to life. Additionally, we paid special
attention to our character development to ensure authenticity to enable viewers to see themselves reflected within the animation.

Our Role
Script consultation, research and development, visual concepting, illustration, design, 2D, 3D, and cel animation, custom music, and
sound design

Project Timeline
11 weeks

Project Style



Client: DEPT/Meta
Creative Director: Hung Le
Executive Producer: Ricardo Roberts
Associate Creative Director: Carlos Alegria
Senior Producer: Nicole Beyer
Illustration and Design: Carlos Alegria, Marco Cheatham, Daniel Amdemichael, Sonia Claudia Alexandrino Gomes, Felipe Fiori, Claudio Araos, Pasquale Garibaldi
2D Animators & Compositors: Chris Saez, Magali Garcia,
Sara Litzenberger
3D Animation: Andrea Gendusa
Cel Animation: Aly Tain, Anna Taberko, Juan Nadalino,
Ale Imondi
Cel Clean-up: Echo Wilson, Brittany Penn, Sameera Joshi, Juliana Gorgati, Ally Schuman
Custom Music and Sound Design: John Poon
Recording Engineer: Stephen Koszler
Musicians: Anwar Khurshid on Sitar, Pankaj Mishra on Sarangi, Ravi Naimpally on Tabla and Percussion
Cultural Consultant: Kruthi Hindupur Vasanthamadhave